Thursday, December 26, 2013

Open Letter to Bill Cosby

Feeling Normal


ear Dr. Cosby,

Just the other day, I posted a blog titled "Why I will never live with a man".

Then yesterday, I watched your Comedy Central special "Far From Finished" which CONFIRMED my reasons for WHY I will never live with a man again only in addition to the language that, in your words, will keep me from "getting into Heaven". I could argue that Jesus already died for my sins, including my potty mouth, but out of respect for your age, I'll refrain.

I just want to agree with you and let you know that my 94 year old grandmother, my mother & my sister all had 1 marriage that lasted 20 years or more and they all say, as you did in your special, that they WILL NEVER MARRY AGAIN.

So, though I skipped the whole marriage thing in my personal journey, I've spent the last 18 years raising a man. I've had ENOUGH of the male gender in MY house. ;-)

I really enjoyed your special. I suggested to MY particular "man" that I brought into this world that he watch the special too. He won't, of course, because

    He's a TEENAGER so, as his mother, I am automatically not qualified to judge what is funny.
    He's a male so HE DOESN'T LISTEN.
    I just TOLD my young man that he cannot watch MY bigger, flat screen TV until he watches your special and he decided to go back upstairs to the room I let him use instead of watching it.

Perhaps he is not yet old enough to appreciate it.

Maybe I should offer it to him when he brings a young lady home to tell me he wants to marry her?

Perchance I'll leave a copy of it to him in my will after he's had a long-term relationship and children of his own so he can fairly judge the accuracy of your information.

Regardless of WHEN my young man watches the special, THANK YOU for making the special. I've had a particularly hard week as my favorite aunt passed away on the 19th of December so I really NEEDED a laugh! :-)


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