Thursday, February 10, 2011

School is delayed 3 hours

Feeling Irritated


ut due to an unfortunate series of events (sleeping until 2pm & then unable to stay awake @ 6pm for a couple of hours) I am unable to sleep NOW in spite of my Xanax, benadryl, Ambien, OTC sleeping medication cocktail. And why the hell was I sweating like I'd just done some cardio even though I only had a sheet over me & it's 25 degrees outside?

So, here are more random questions for you to answer in the comments section or on your blog with a link back to this post.

  1. How do you think you would react if one of your parents told you they wanted to have a sex change?

  2. Do you remember your dreams?

  3. IF you had a band, what would it be called?

  4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you bought?

  5. Is Prince a genius?

  6. ----------------
    Now playing: Prince - Billy Jack Bitch

    Old Spice Man Isaiah Mustafa
  7. Fuck, Marry or Kill: Ice Cube, The Old Spice Man, Kid Rock

  8. What's the one thing you wish the opposite sex knew about your sex? In general. For example, when I was dating my first serious BF, I used to ask him all the time what he was thinking. One day he said "I'll tell you, but you can NEVER ask me that question again." He told me. It was something so stupid I could not believe I was sleeping with the dude. Then he said "THAT'S why men hate that question! Because we're usually thinking something stupid and we don't want to see that look on your face!" I've never asked that question of a man since, LOL.

  9. Nikki Minaj
  10. Fuck, Marry or Kill: Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj, Taylor Swift

  11. Do you believe in Angels & Demons, God & Lucifer?

  12. If you grew up in a religious household, are you still observant? Why or why not?

  13. Do you get "vibes" from people right off the bat, and your initial impression usually right or wrong?

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