Friday, February 04, 2011

Do men read?

Feeling Unknown


only ask because if my son is any indication, men don't LISTEN.

Here's my actual profile on that dating site I was telling you I joined the other day. The highlighted parts are the parts I consider relevant to this rant question/discussion.
My Profile

Did you READ my profile?

Did you see where it says that I smoke? Did you see where it said I'm looking for a man in his late 40s or early 50s?


So why are all these 26-33 year old men hitting on me? Why are all these men who say they WILL NOT date someone who smokes "flirting" with me?

It's because I'm so fucking hot, right?

They just saw my damned gorgeous face and ignored everything else, I suppose?

BTW, I highlighted "A few extra pounds" because that was the only option other than "Normal" or "Athletic". I know there are Chubby Chasers out there, but are they all muscular like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Because those are the fuckers who aren't smoking but are hitting on me too. (Not that I have a problem with the muscles, I'm just not going to go to the gym with you. ☺)


On another note, look what Evan posted on Facebook today

Evan Said

It's true though. Size 2 BITCHES complain about gaining 5 lbs when we BBWs wouldn't even notice if we lost 5 lbs, LOL.


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