Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Being Human

Being Human CastFeeling Normal


o there's a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf...

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right?


Anyway, one of SyFy's new shows is Being Human. A vampire & a werewolf move into a house inhabited by the ghost of a chick who died 6 months previously. The vamp & his buddy move in to try to act like normal human beings and keep each other from "falling off the wagon" and killing people.

After they move in, they are surprised to find the ghost of an oddly "perky" ghost who is surprised that they can see her (since no one else can).

This is only the second show, but it's aight so far.

I mean, I'm not a Twilight fan. I watched the first movie because it was at the library & I rented it for free, but I haven't read any of the books and have no desire to see any of the other movies.

Cast of Being HumanBeing Human capitalizes on the current vampire/werewolf craze in a way that Moonlight was unable to do. Also, this is on SyFy, which means that it will be given more than a few episodes to gain a fan base.

If you're too old for Twilight & too young for Bela Lugosi movies, you might enjoy this series. It's on SyFy on Mondays @ 9/8c.

In other news, I got a catalog in the mail today. I never get catalogs. Only the usual store circulars & Domino's coupons. But this is a catalog for Nerds!


In addition to Unicorn Meat in a can, the ThinkGeek 8-bit tie and Space Gun LED Key Ring, there's baconnaise (bacon flavored Mayo), bacon scented candles, a talking bacon plushie & all kinds of other bacon shit! (Did you know there was bacon flavored hot sauce? I didn't) Wheeeeeeeee. I'm ordering the Baconnaise & possibly the bacon flavored pop-corn. (There's bacon salt too.) OMG. I feel the clogged arteries already, LOL.

We don't get actual bacon much because it's too expensive to keep in the house with The Boy who can go through a 24 pack of hot dogs in a week.

Hmmmm, I can get a Sonic Screwdriver like the 10th or 11th Doctor. :-) Since I haven't seen the 11th Doctor, I'll stick with the 10th. I think it can be an actual screwdriver or you can get one that's an ink pen.

Bazinga ShirtI think I got on their mailing list when I ordered my Bazinga Shirt for X-mas. Whatevs. I like it. :-)

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