Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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Feeling Normal



So Mommy Dearest came over today because she called me yesterday & I never called her back (no minutes). She asked if I wanted to go out to eat, her treat after I used her phone to call the dude about my car ($206!!!!!!!)

MD - Let's go to Sonic
Me - Ok
MD - But maybe I want to go to the Dairy Bar & get a salad
Me - Ok
MD - But I want to try that corn dog @ Sonic. The other day when you had one you said it was good. So maybe I want to try that?
Me - Ok.
MD - I wish you'd stop saying "Ok" in that bored voice of yours!
Me - I am acknowledging that I heard you. What do you want me to say? Have you taken your xanax today?
MD - No, I'm going to take it tonight.
Me - Well, you're supposed to take it twice a day. I'm glad I took mine today.

She was hyperish. Very Odd.

Hypochondriac ChickenBut she was in a good mood. Didn't even flinch when I asked to borrow $200 for my effing car, LOL.

She's a worrier.

I'm glad I didn't get that trait from her.

I mean, I AM a worrier, but it's more internal than external. No one but Evan has ever really seen me flustered.

She did hear on some TV show that cussing relieves stress. So she's cussing a lot more. It's funny because if Evan's in the car she whispers the cuss words to me.

Evan - I can still hear you. It's not like I don't hear those words at school anyway.
She - But I'm your Nana. I'm not supposed to curse.
Evan - *Teenage 'Everyone but me is an idiot' voice* Ok...

She does crack me up when she says the F word, though. It's like she thinks she's going to be arrested or something.

She needs to just get OVER that like her mother. Who cusses in church, I shit you not. LOL.

That is all!

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