Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Check out my ashtray

Feeling Normal


kay, so I think you all know I smoke. If you didn't know, now you do. ☺

Metal AshtrayAnyway, I have a habit of breaking my ashtrays. I don't buy glass anymore. For a while I was just using an old coffee mug with the handle broken off. Then I bought a small metal one (I knew I couldn't break that unless I ran over it with my car) but it's so small and I seem to constantly knock it over so ashes are everywhere.

I wanted a new ashtray that wasn't so small & wasn't breakable.

I went to The Dollar Tree (where everything is $1 or less) and bought a dog bowl. I've used it for about a week & I love it. The only thing was I couldn't lay the cig down while I did something else because it would fall all the way in the bowl.

So I tried burning a hole in it by heating up a spoon (or something) that was the same size as the cigarette. Didn't work out too well. Then I remembered that I have a Dremel. I marked the spot where I wanted the cigarette to stay and got to work.

Evan was home (he's taking auto mechanics in school now) and so he's all "I'll do it!"

Me - I want to get it how I want it and then you can do the rest of them.

So he did.

Angelika's Ashtray, side viewNow I have my ugly ass hole & his 3 PROFESSIONAL LOOKING HOLES. It pisses me off at the same time that it makes me happy.

I used to be the one who fixed everything and took vcrs & shit apart to fix them. Now my son is taking over. I am proud but also feeling a little replaceable. :-(

I guess all mothers go through this when our children don't need us like they used to or look at us like we make the sun rise every morning.

Anyway, here's my new $1 ashtray, made by Mr. Professional looking shit Evan. ;-p

Angelika's New Ashtray

****Breaking News****

I was driving MD's car last week (I don't remember if I told you this or not) and we got in a wreck (not my fault). No person was injured, just a little cosmetic damage on both cars.

Anyway, today my mother said to me "Did I ever tell you how calm you were when we were driving in the city? Even after the accident you didn't get upset or cry or freak out or anything. You were so cool."

I can't remember her ever giving me a compliment about anything other than my looks, LOL. It was nice.

It was also nice because it reminded me that she used to say the same thing about my father. He never "looked" ruffled. Whatever was going on inside, on the surface he was in charge.


So many great things have been happening to me this week. I don't think I have the time to tell you all of them. But I thought I would tell you something nice about my mother for a change.


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