Sunday, August 15, 2010

My antidepressant isn't working...

Feeling Normal


ometimes it's easier than others for me to figure it out, though.

Like if I was crying all the effing time.

Over stupid shit.

Like a commercial that used to make me cry because the baby in it was so freaking cute.

Now I just want to kill everyone. And I'm sleeping ALL THE EFFING TIME.

Like I'm up for an hour and asleep for 4.


Unfortunately, since I had to pay for car insurance, a car tag, school supplies, clothes & the usual monthly shit, I can't afford to go to the doctor to get my meds changed until September.

But at least it will be harder for everyone around me to wait for September than it will be for me.


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  1. You got that right sista, who does depression hurt.......EVERYONE!! This topic resonated with me so clearly. I just got all my meds redone for 6 months. My other half makes sure I'm stocked up and when it's getting close for another dr's appt..he starts sweating....I do believe. :) I'll be thinkin about ya....been there done that.. I'll pray for the boy and your mama! :P Jade

  2. Jade - I think The Boy just assumes I have constant PMS, LOL. Poor kid. :-)


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