Friday, August 13, 2010

Did you know? #2

Feeling Informative


an first believed that a person's soul resided in the head and that a sneeze was actually allowing some of your life to escape.

SneezeYou know how unsanitary things were back then, so with all the sneezing and then the dying, this just reinforced the belief.

With the teachings of Aristotle & Hippocrates in the 4th century, people began to understand that sneezing was actually the body's way of expelling foreign matter that had gotten into the nostrils.

The Romans then decided that a sneeze was the body's attempt to exorcise a demon or sinister spirit.

When someone sneezed, the Romans said something like "Congratulations" or "Good luck to you".

The actual Christian version of "God Bless You" began in the 6th Century by Pope Gregory. At that time, a plague was raging through Italy with the first symptom being a lot of sneezing. The plague acted so quickly, that very soon after someone started sneezing, they died.

Pope Gregory began appealing to the healthy people to pray for the sick. He insisted that phrases like "May you enjoy good health" be replaced with "God Bless You!"

If no one was around, the sneezer had to say "God help me!"

With so much death being associated with sneezing, this is also where the phrase "Not to be sneezed at" began.

Sneezing ain't no joke.

For the good of your fellow humans, please cover your mouth and nose when sneezing.

As an interesting experiment, every time I hear someone sneeze this coming week, I'm going to say "Congratulations! You just exorcised a demon. Praise the Baby Jesus!" (with a serious Southern accent, of course).

I just want to see what they'll do.


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  1. Coincidentally, I just exorcised a demon. Thanks!

  2. I knew the bit about the plague but not the other stuff. Blimey, I need a lie down, I've just learnt something here!!!! ..... tee hee

  3. Excellent vid as well ..... I moved my cursor of it to avoid infection ..... I'm not silly you know ....

  4. DG - Congratulations!

    DP - That video was gross/funny to me, LOL.

  5. I saw a Tales From The Crypt episode one time where the Grandpa refused to believe he was dead and was all decaying and everything? And one night they were all sitting at the supper table and he sneezed and blew his dead nose off onto the plate. It was all green and strings were hanging out, right on the rice. It was cool. Did you ever see that one?

    (Then he realized he was really dead and went to the cemetery. The end.)

  6. Why did you moderate my comment out? It was in English.

  7. Simon - Congrats!

    Max - (1) To keep me blogging. (2) I don't think I've seen that one, but I really only watch TFTC when there is literally nothing else on. (3) I thought I done tole you people that I'm not sitting her waiting for comments to appear? I do other things on occasion. You should wait a week before assuming that I have thrown your comment into the circular file!

  8. That's funny! Wonder what people will say when you bless them that way?

  9. Leigh - So far, Evan's the only one I've said it to. He already thinks I'm weird, so all I got was "Whatever." :-)


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