Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Anywhere but here...

Feeling Normal


o at 6:50 am (AKA 10 minutes before the bus comes) Evan says to me "I think we left all of my blue clothes at the laundromat"

Me - WHAT!?!?!
E - Well I've been looking for them and I can't find any of them.
You're just remembering this NOW?

Me - Oh my God
E - Will you go look for them?
Me - You do realize we did the laundry on Saturday and now it's Tuesday, right? I doubt they're still there.
E - Well will you got anyway?
Me - Yessssssssssssssss
E - I'll be at school
Me - You'd better bet!

Dryer10 minutes later

I pull up at the laundromat and his clothes are in the dryer where we left them.

2 blue haired old ladies asked me if the clothes left on the table were mine too.

Me - Nope. I guess forgetting your clothes here is just going around. Make sure you have everything before you leave, LOL.

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