Thursday, August 19, 2010

I think I'm raising an awesome kid!

Feeling Proud


know you're used to me complaining about the latest thing that Evan has done to drive me insane, but I have something different to tell you today.

He comes home from school, does his homework without me telling him to and then gets on the computer.

I assume he's talking to his friends or playing a game or something.

Then he says "Do you want to hear these news stories?"

Me - Ok...

So he tells me about the FBI wanting Wikipedia to remove their seal, the same sex marriage debate, the mosque that Muslims want to build near the 9/11 Memorial Site and the Birth Right Debate.

We discuss how I think that a) homosexuality is something you're born with and not a choice and 2) denying homosexuals the right to marry is the same as when they wouldn't let blacks marry whites (and if you go to The Spiritual Athiest's article on Keith Olberman's opinion on Proposition 8 in California, you might learn a little something else I didn't know about blacks & marriage) and the other two articles.

Maybe it's just because he's been raised by me and so I'm his "main influence" in life, but the kid has a really good sense of the issues and what is right/wrong/stupid with the world.

He then said "I wish we could write to the people we vote for in the government to tell them what we want and don't want."

Me - You can. You can probably Google the Senators & Representatives for our state & district and tell them exactly what you think. If you do, make sure you include your age. (I'm thinking my 14 year old has more sense in his head than half the fuckers in DC and they should be shamed by that fact, LOL.)

So I asked him why he was reading the news, assuming he had some kind of project or report to do.

Evan - Why not?
Me - All righty then...


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  1. How very satisfying ...... actually, thinking about it, he's at the age when my kids started overtaking me in various areas which I loved ..... they could start doing the worrying for me. Mind you, they went on to create other worries so I guess it all balanced out .......

  2. DP - You've left me speechless. Evan is becoming interested in politics and thinking about stuff - Great. Evan is going to give me worries other than "Is he going to be a decent productive member of society?" Thanks for that, LOL.

  3. That's great that he's responsible and wants to know whats going on in the world. You should be proud of him!

  4. Hey cheers for the Pimp. Evan is getting pretty awesome :)

  5. Leigh - Thanks! ☺

    Simon - I will not tell him that you referred to him as a Pimp because his head is big enough with all the whores at school hitting on him...

  6. So... you are saying a person can write to their congressman?

  7. Yes, you are raising an awesome son.

  8. Max - If a person were so inclined. Why do you comment and then come back a minute later and comment again? Just curious.


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