Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's 5:07 am and I'm awake. Again. YAY!!

Feeling Sleepy


his is an essay Evan wrote on his 2nd or 3rd day of High School. The teacher read it out loud.

Click the picture to see full size. I will provide a translation in case you have as much trouble reading his handwriting as I do. ☺

Evan's Paper

This summer had more "exciting" events than previous summers. Exciting meaning swimming. Not much to report, but I'll make it as exciting as possible.

I did not go anywhere. Absolutely no vacations. The farthest I went away from my probably (40 miles away). If this were fiction, I'd probably end up in Japan, or possibly Amsterdam.

Thankfully, not much work. Simple chores every once in a while, but nothing big. By "nothing big" I meant 'nothing I get paid for doing'. Only simple things like washing dishes, taking out the trash, clean my room (which never got done, by the way), stop watching TV, get off the computer...sorry, I was writing my mom's commands.

Alright, the fun part. I went swimming for the first summer in a couple of years! Sometimes at (nearby River), and once at (Nearby public pool).

Obviously, I was being facetious when I wrote "exciting". Oh well... That is what I did this summer.

Isn't he "precious"?

Obviously, I am being facetious when I say "precious".

I'm irritated at him right now because I wanted to ask/tell him something before he went to his 'man cave' but he went upstairs anyway. Now I don't remember WTF it was that I wanted to say.


BTW, this post was started on 8/25. It only took me 5 days to finish! Weeeeeeee.

More on that later. Hopefully today, LOL.

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