Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Child for adoption! 7/28/10

Feeling Normal


ere's been my day thus far.

BTW, I meant "lawnmower" and not "garbage can" when I said he could probably learn to use one if you teach him. :-)

BTW, I am not satisfied with the way I look, but I'm fiddnuh go relax my hair so...bite me. :-)

I'm also trying a new video compressing freeware program so that my lips actually match the audio.

Whatchoo think?

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  1. I was on the edge of my seat!!!! ..... I was sure that you were going to poke an eye out!!!! .... don't do that again!!!!!

    Good plan BTW, get someone to pay the insurance and then keep Evan for lifting heavy things and driving the rubbish bins .....

    [Lovely to hear your voice ..... it's really nice]

  2. DP - LOL @ your reaction. It would probably help if I put makeup on more than once a year or was one of those women who did it while driving so I could multitask that particular task. ;-)

    Thanks for the compliment about my voice!


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