Monday, May 17, 2010


Feeling Abnormal


ast week I had several crazy dreams. I meant to blog about them, but since I didn't do it immediately, I forgot every dream but the one where Oprah got on TV and said that she didn't believe in God because she was God and didn't care what anyone had to say about it.

Tim GunnThis morning I had a dream that I was in LA (As IF) and Tim Gunn was having a verbal argument with his son (who was Tatum O'neal's brother).

Then he finally got fed up and went to his car. Then he started screaming that someone had vandalized it.

I went up to him and said "Tim, there are paparazzi all over the place. Let me drive you somewhere else so this doesn't end up on TMZ."

Then I woke up.

Why can't I remember the sex dreams?WTF????????

I normally don't remember most of my dreams. So the fact that I've had at least 3 dreams in the past 5 days that I can remember is unusual.

It really makes me wonder what the dreams I can't remember are about, LOL.

Why can't I remember the sex dreams?

So unfair...

I do remember seeing Tim Gunn on a TV show (probably Craig Ferguson) where he admitted that he hadn't had a relationship for 25 years because dude broke his heart so bad. :-(

That sucks. I want Tim to be happy. I mean, I don't know him, but who doesn't love Tim Gunn???

Whatever, here's an SNL Digital Short that I rewound & watched several times this weekend.

Pray that Tiki's surgery goes well. We dropped her off this morning to get fixed.

That is all.



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