Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I like it raw...

Angelika's Random Question of the Week

Have you ever had Sushi? If you haven't, why haven't you tried it?

I've never had real sushi. At the Chinese Buffet they have some stuff, but I'm sure it's cooked. I like what I've had, but I don't know how I'd feel about actual sushi. Even if Iron Chef Morimoto made it.


BTW, here's my new desktop. Taking a break from Hugh, as you know.

Ceasar Milan Desktop


  1. I tried Sushi but didn't like it - I don't even like cooked fish really (Fish cakes and fish fingers/fishsticks are about it that I like lol.

  2. (Shudders) I hate all seafood so the thought of some raw crustacean is just too much to bear. Yuck.

    Now our babysitter (24) took my 10-year-old out for sushi and she loved it. She keeps telling me I need to try it.

    I keep telling her no thanks.

  3. Han - Yeah, I guess if you don't really like fish, you wouldn't want to try raw fish, LOL.

    CG - When I was in my 20s, I realized that my taste in food hadn't really varied since I was a child. My mother packed PB&J, Cheetos and a Capri Sun for my lunch every day. Once in a while, she'd try to switch it up with a turkey sandwich but I'd come home and be like "I want peanut butter and jelly!"

    I really can eat the same thing every day for months. Seriously. I think I ate baked chicken & potatoes for 3 months straight in 2009. And I never really got "tired" of it, I just got tired of cooking for me and again for The Boy.

    Anyway, I decided that every time I went to a restaurant, I would try something new. And I try to do that now. It's one of the reasons I watch Food Network so much, to get new ideas. I don't think I tried Tuna fish until Evan was 3 or something and my cousin had a baby shower with little tuna fish sandwiches. I loved them!

    So, yeah. You need to try sushi. You might be surprised! :-)

  4. I agree with Han, although I've never tried it, I can't think that I would like it because I've never really liked fish.

  5. I'm like you, I always try new foods and sushi is one that I LOVE. But I do have to say that even just trying sushi is 95% mental--you have to get over that "raw fish" thing. And then from there, it is also a texture thing too--and some people have an issue with that.

    We love to eat sushi because of how we feel after we eat it--we don't have that stuffed feeling. And I like all the different kinds of rolls and such. Now, when we go out for a nice dinner, we rarely go out for anything other than sushi.


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