Friday, March 19, 2010

Mashup - March 19, 2010

Feeling Normal


am still feeling like crap. Went to the ER Tuesday for a migraine. Got a shot (which usually knocks it out) and I was up within 4 hours still hurting.


I've been putting this blogging thing off until I felt better, but I don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

Here are the High Fives I've collected over the past few weeks (months?). No particular order. I don't even remember what they are anymore, LOL.

Post It note Tuesday - Diary of a Mad Bathroom

Is that a bag of dog shit...
- CardioGirl

Sleeping Partners - Daddy Papersurfer

Oh Shit moments caught on camera - Kajanova

The Sandra Bullock mess -

Dear Jesse James,

You are the scum of the earth. Fucking bike building suicidal LOSER!

I cannot believe that 1) You were able to fake being a decent enough man for Sandra Bullock to marry you when, pre your sorry ass, she said she had no interest in getting married and 2) That you were having an affair with some tattoed slutwhore for a whole Goddamned YEAR!!!!!

Sandra Bullock loved you AND your children. Didn't she adopt (or was about to adopt) your daughter to get her the fuck away from your ex porn star wife???

You didn't just do Sandra wrong, you've done your kids wrong.

You gained a lot of respect and credibility when Sandra Bullock married you, you trifling ass fucker.

Burn in hell!

A woman who had no plans to ever get married anyway, but you've certainly not helped to change my mind about that decision and I can't even think of a vile enough name to call you!


Took her to the Vet this week for her second round of shots & heart worm pills. She was good at the vet's. Tore up a rug and lots of other shit in my mother's back yard that Evan and I had to clean up since she's our dog when she's bad, LOL.

Tiki's Mess

See all that dirt & whatnot on the concrete? She knocked over a couple of MD's plants and spread the dirt all over the place. Took the rug out of her dog house, took the rug from the back door & flipped it over (that thing weights at least 10 lbs. She's only 18 lbs. No idea how she did that, LOL.)

Tiki 31610B

Tiki 31610

I finally saw her teeth @ the Vet's. I didn't realize that they were so tiny. I guess she's teething and that's why she's chewing on rugs and shit. Even the wood pile. Of course, she ignores her chew toys...

Movies & Shows I've watched recently

Minute to Win it - On NBC. I probably wouldn't have watched it if the host wasn't Guy Fieri. I like the show, but much like that Fox show that was on last summer or whenever (the one where the people won money if they told the truth when asked questions), I zapped through a lot of it. So it takes about 15 minutes to watch a 60 minute show, LOL. But if there's nothing else on, it's worth checking it out.

This is it - The Michael Jackson movie. I borrowed it from MD. I guess if you're a true MJ fan, it's good to see. But...whatever, man. It didn't change my life. It will be on MTV or BET at some point. Just wait to see it then if you're not a hard core Michael fan.

Lost - WTF? I thought we were supposed to be getting answers???????? The first few shows this season have just raised more questions. The main one, for me at least, being "Why the hell are we seeing how the Oceanic 8's lives intersected before they came to the island?"

TJ Ramini24 - HOLY SHIT! Renee has gone crazy, LOL. Freddie Prinze Jr's accent is getting on my last nerve. That guy who plays Tarin Faroush is fine as hell, though. Glad he's not dead, LOL.

19 Kids and Counting - So glad that baby Josie is ok!!!!!!!!!! I had been watching that show since they had 17 kids (I think) and I was really concerned that Josie, who was born 3 months premature, would not survive. I prayed for the Duggars & Josie in particular. No matter how you feel about their decision to have 19 children, you have to feel for that precious baby.

Now I just hope Michelle & JimBob stop. Seriously. Plus I'm sure they have some debt now with the hospital bills!!!

I think that's it.

Now, you go pray for me that I get whatEVER it is that's giving me daily headaches that hurt so bad I want to cry finally stops. Thank you. :-)

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