Sunday, March 14, 2010


Feeling Aight


watched Precious tonight. You know the one. The one for which Mo'Nique won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Precious DVDI don't really know what I was expecting. I mean, I knew that Mo'Nique's character was "mental". I knew she abused Precious.


I don't really know what to say about this movie.

It did not affect me the way some other movies have affected me in the past.

It probably would have helped if I hadn't heard sooooo much about the movie and how great it was, or seen that Miss Sidibe really isn't Precious.

I mean, I know she's ok. I knew she's well adjusted. I know she's full of confidence and charm. Sucks for her that Sandra Bullock had to pick this year to win her Oscar. ;-p

Anyway, Precious is a 16 year old girl who is pregnant, for the second time, by her father. Her mother (Mo'Nique) is a crazy bitch who tells Precious that she's stupid and she'll never amount to anything.

Precious gets kicked out of normal school and has to start going to an Alternative School. That is where she starts to realize that she isn't stupid. She learns to read & write (don't ask me how she managed to get A's in school when she had a 4th grade reading level...). She makes friends, blah blah.

It's a good movie.

You should definitely NOT watch it when you're hormonal. You might be more affected than I was by it, LOL.

It's a lot of abuse. We don't see it all, but we know it happens.

I really can't tell you more without ruining it. (Sorry, Monique.)

That is all.

You can stop calling me a slacker now, Re!

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