Monday, February 22, 2010

That's what I thought...

Feeling Devilish


y evil plan worked.


So yesterday we went over to my mother's at noon to feed the puppy because MD was at church.

After Tiki's BathThen we brought her to my house to give her a bath.

She was so good in the bath, y'all. She didn't shake water all over the place, she didn't even whine. She just sat there and took it. I mean, she stared at Evan the whole time, but she was SO GOOD! Then she let me blow dry her & get between her paws & all of that. Then when we brought her down, she just sat.

She stayed at Evan's side, but she just sat. So good!

Tiki at the laundromatThen we went to do the laundry and she just sat beside us on the ground. Another puppy was there. I was fine when they were just sniffing each other, but when the other dog barked & put her paw on OUR puppy's head, I went Ceasar Milan on her Rottweiler ass and told her to get away.

Whatever, puppy was an angel.

Then we took her back to my mother's house where she (my mother) proceeded to complain about how the dog would jump all over her and how she knocked over her water bowl & blah blah blah.

Tiki taking a napSo after we got home, Evan & I were both thinking about the puppy & how one day we might go over to MD's and she would be gone. So Evan called her at 9 pm and said that we'd pick her up after weight lifting today and let her live here until she got too big for the apartment.


My mother called me this morning & expressed how much she worried about the puppy overnight and that she'd already called the vet and that we (she & I) needed to take her ASAP to get her shots.

Then when I got over there, she told me that she doesn't want us to keep the puppy because she needs to get used to living at MD's house.

Tiki BarberSo first she wanted to name the dog KiKi, but I reminded her of her granddaughter's name (Key/KiKi is a nickname for both my niece and my cousin, LOL) so I said "How about Tiki? We can just say you named her after Tiki Barber."

She didn't know who that was, but I said "You can Google him. He's a retired football player."

So, yeah. MD's in love with Tiki. She claims she just knows how much Evan loves the puppy.

But if she didn't want the dog, she would not have paid for her to get shots already.

So Mommy Dearest now has someone to care for. Which is what I think she needed to get her more...happy. Or something. Plus don't they say people with pets live longer?


Tiki's got the job of keeping my mother getting out of bed for the next 10 years at least, LOL. Starr lived for 16 years. I don't know if that's normal or not.


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BTW, this was Starr. The smartest dog in the world. She died in 2006.


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