Monday, March 08, 2010

I know, I know

Feeling Normal


hat I've been neglecting my blog.

But I've been sick. Evan's been sick. Mommy Dearest has been sick. Tiki (the puppy) has been fine.

I still don't feel like saying anything.

So I won't.



  1. At least you finished with a smile ....

  2. My youngest daughter once told me that mommys don't get sick! Oh but they do. So please take care. We'll catch you later.

  3. DP - It's not my blog's fault I've been feeling like poopie. :-)

    Cher - This mommy gets sick because of her offspring, LOL.

  4. okayyyy so you're sick ? and who didn't know that ? (side eye) yeah I'm Miss Snarky on Sunday.
    feel better slackerrrrrr


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