Saturday, February 20, 2010

I got my mother a dog

Feeling Normal


s you may know, her last dog died a couple of years ago.

She's been saying she wanted another one for quite some time. But every time I saw "Free Dogs" anywhere and called her, she was like "No, I don't want a boy dog." or "No, I don't want a black dog." or "No, I don't want a chihuahua." Blah blah blah.

So this chick had a truck full of lab/collie mix pups. One was light tan. Similar to her old dog (Evan said he didn't want her to get one that looked like Starr) but darker.

Anyway, I called her and said "But she's cute! She has blue eyes."
MD - All puppies are cute.
Me - Ok, so I'll bring her home.
MD - I don't want a puppy blah blah mothefreaking blah
Me - Yeah, we're on our way. I'll bring her by.
MD - *click*


She needs a freaking dog, LOL. (Or a man, but I don't see that happening).

OMG, the puppy stank.

I had the windows down.



The puppy loves Evan & Evan loves her already. We haven't agreed on a name.

My mother said it's Our dog that we keep at her house because she has a yard.

I just call her StinkyUh huh.

But she gets to pick the name.

First she wanted to name her something like Chi-Chi or whatever.

Evan vetoed that.

Then she wanted to name her Angel.

I said "MY NAME is Angelika! NO"

So, the puppy doesn't have a name yet.

I just call her Stinky, LOL.

Here are a couple of pics.

I was trying to get her blue eyes, but you can't see them.

Our Puppy
Our Puppy 2

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