Thursday, February 18, 2010

Law Abiding Citizen

Feeling Normal

Law Abiding Citizen
★★★★★ Buy it. That's all.

(Edited 2/18/10 - 5:42PM) Monique - Gerard Butler plays a husband and father. One day some dudes break into his house and kill his wife and child.

Jamie Foxx plays an Assistant District Attorney who makes a deal with the killer so that the killer gets out of prison in 3 years and the accomplice gets the death penalty.

10 years later, when the dude who didn't do the actual killing is about to be "put to sleep" he actually bleeds out and is in a lot of pain.

Butler catches the guy who actually killed his family & dismembers him.

He tells Jamie Foxx "Drop all charges and let me out of this prison by 6 am tomorrow or everybody dies."

Jamie doesn't believe him.

Everybody dies.


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