Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Craig Ferguson & Our Wigs

Feeling Normal


o, yesterday Mommy Dearest took me out for my Birthday Lunch. Finally. I didn't feel good on my birthday, then I had PMS, then I had headaches from Hell, then I got a cold.

So I finally felt like "going out" yesterday. I went over to her house because she didn't know how to save a program on her DVR until she deleted it...

Because she loves her some Al Green, she wanted to save his appearances on The Tonight Show or whatever and a couple of them had been deleted even though she had plenty of room and she would have gladly sacrificed something else if she didn't have room.

Did that make sense?

Anyway, while I was there she gave me a wig. Since I've taken the braids out of my hair, she usually sees me with a bandanna on my head because I'd rather cover my hair than do it. IOW, she was saying "I'm tired of looking at those damned bandannas and now you can cover your dookie braids with this wig!" (Learn more about Dookie Braids HERE.)


Last night's episode of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" was on fire!
We went to the local "Dairy Bar" which is not to be mistaken for Dairy Queen. The Dairy Bar has been there since at least the 50s and is where we go for good, old fashioned Southern cooking. I had chicken fingers & fries. Sooooo good.


Last night's episode of "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" was on fire!

Billy ConnollyFirst, in the monologue he was talking about the time he wore a kilt with no underwear to the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party one year & how the gravity was killer. :-)

Then the actor Billy Connolly was on & told how his "castle" in Scotland is supposedly haunted by a headless dog. He told a joke like "You think walking your dog in the rain is hard, wait til you see what I have to do to this one when we get home." Because the dog can't lick his own "business", you see? The conversation was edited, so I can't imagine WTF they cut out!!!

George EadsThen, George Eads (Nick Stokes on CSI) was on & told how he broke his back and didn't realize it for 12 years. Or, when he broke his back, he was a poor actor with no health insurance so he never went to the doctor about his back pain & then they took x-rays last summer and the doctor noticed the "healed" broken back, so he ended up getting spinal fusion therapy. Unbelieveable!

I think that's all. :-)

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