Monday, November 02, 2009


Feeling Normal


his weekend I watched a marathon of Mercy on Bravo. I know I missed the first episode & maybe the first few, but I liked the ones I saw.

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Mercy on NBC

Mercy is a Grey's Anatomy knock-off. :-)

From what I understood, Veronica Callahan (the main character) was a nurse in the military. She did a tour in Iraq. Came home, found her husband cheating on her and went back to Iraq and had an affair with Dr. Chris Sands. Then when she came home for the last time, she decided to try and work on her marriage.

Buffy's little sister Dawn is also a nurse at Mercy.Dr. Sands moved to New Jersey to try to convince her to be with him? I'm not straight on that.

Anyway, Buffy's little sister Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) is also a nurse at Mercy. She had a crush on Dr. Sands & got drunk with him one night and he admitted having an affair with Veronica and being in love with her.


It's a soap opera.

Like Grey's.

Anyway, I might watch it if they continue showing it on Bravo on the weekends. But for now, my DVR schedule is too full to add another show on Wednesday nights.

That is all!

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