Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Feeling Normal


o I'm answering some questions from RemBeatz for her Blogger Interviews thing. (Pardon me, Rem. I feel extremely loquacious today. Edit as necessary, LOL.)

Why am I so hyper????Anyway, I was talking about how I started with a website in the '90s before I ever had this blog. I started reading a page I did on 4/25/2005 and it's so...funny/odd to me to read and remember where I was 4.5 years ago, LOL. (And how, emotionally, I'm in the same place...)

Ennywho...that's what I is doing today.

I was going to blog about V, GI Joe, Transformers & other crap.

I guess I'll save that for tomorrow.

But let me tell you what Evan said before I forget.

Snickers FudgeSo he got home yesterday and I had made brownies. He eats 1/3 of the pan. Seriously. Then he ate pop tarts, shrimp, god knows what else, some little debbie cupcake thing and I had bought him one of the new fudge Snickers to try and he picked it up like he was fiddnuh eat that too:

Me - OMG! How much sweet crap have you had today?
Evan - 68

So I proceeded to LMFAO & he can't figure out what's so funny.

How random was that answer???


OMG I'm going to wet myself.


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