Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stuff - 10/17/09

Feeling Normal


ell, The Boy is at his cousin's last football game of the season.

I think I get most of my exercise adjusting the damned thermostat.
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My mother came over earlier today. Not for anything in particular, Evan had walked there earlier (for no reason other than he wanted to get away from me) and she called me to make sure he made it home.

She was talking and said: "Well, I guess you want to be alone since Evan is gone."
Me - I wasn't doing anything but watching Top Chef
She - Oh, well I have to go get some milk, but I didn't think I'd stop by since you'd be enjoying your time alone.
Me - If you want to come over, come over. I'm not in any particular "mood", I don't feel bad or sleepy or anything, so whatever.

Anyway, she came over.

I opened the door and...I don't know how cold it is, but I got a really chilly blast. (It's currently 44 degrees, I just checked.)

I got cold.

I turned the heat up to 74. Put on a pair of jogging pants over my Spongebob pajama pants & a sweatshirt over my t-shirt then got under all of my blankets while we talked about the TV shows we both watch.

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I was seriously freezing, LOL.

She said her legs were cold so I went to get her a blanket.

When I got back downstairs, I got hot.

It's weird. I could feel myself sweating under the sweatshirt, but I still felt kind of chilly. But my hands and feet were on fire. So I took of my socks and ugg-like slippers and put lotion on my hands and feet to cool them off.

MS is so weird, y'all. It's like what I imagine menopause to be like. One minute I'm burning the eff up, the next minute I'm freezing. Literally.

I think I get most of my exercise adjusting the damned thermostat.

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Anyway, by the time she left I had to stand with the damned door open & my hands on the cold metal they were so hot.

While Evan has been gone today (and thus, not hogging the computer) I watched Grey's Anatomy and Dollhouse @ Hulu.

I need to watch Flash Forward, because for whatever reason it didn't record this week.

Does anyone else watch Dollhouse? I was LMAO when Victor turned into Echo and thought he was a girl and was doing the slutty dances in the club. HA!

Oh, here's a video someone made of it on youtube

Anyway, Evan's home now.

So bye!

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