Monday, October 19, 2009

I think I'm going to crochet a Snuggie

Feeling Normal


am a little "bored".

I mean, with life as usual. I'm tired of the damned Twitter games I play because there's rarely a challenge anymore.

I used to crochet all the time.I'm getting bored with some of the TV I watch.

I have plenty of yarn...

I used to crochet all the time.

Then I made my grandmother an afghan and I was DONE with crocheting, LOL.

SnuggieNow I want a snuggie because I get cold & hot and it's unpredictable...

Plus I have all that yarn.

So I think I'm going to crochet a snuggie while watching TV.

Kill 2 birds with one stone, or something like that.


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  1. Hey if you crocheting snuggies, I 'll take that fashionable leopardskin model and if you are doing two for ones, toss that zebra skin model in as well. ohhhh you say this isn't qvc, this is Angelika's. uhhh ruhhh sorry :)

  2. Unfortunately, they don't sell Zebra or Leopard print yarn...

    Camo is the best I can do. ;-)

    LMFAO @ Uhh Ruhh. HA!

  3. Or you could just kill two birds with your crochet needle which would use up the yarn, and let you play a mini-game of Mafia; the home version. See, that's the kind of helpful blog commenter I am.

  4. Aria - You are weird, and I mean that in the best way possible, LOL.


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