Monday, September 21, 2009

Why does it feel like Friday to me?

Feeling Irritated


t rained ALL WEEKEND. Rained all day today.

Until 2:45 pm.

Which is when they would decide if they were going to have fucking football practice.
So, I have to go out and pick up The Boy at 5 pm today.


I've got the damned headache from hell again! I just want to sleep it off!!!!!!!!!!!


Watch. It will do this all week. Rain until it's time to catch the fucking bus and then the sun will come out.


OMG. It has FLOUR written on the geedee container.Anyway, Evan fried his first piece of chicken the other day!

I always bake my chicken. On a rack so all the grease drips down off the chicken. He doesn't like baked chicken. I don't give a fart.

So the other day he asked me if I would fry a piece of chicken for him.

Fry DaddyMe - No. You can do it.
E - Will you stay in here and show me how?
Me - Sure. First, plug in the Fry Daddy
E - Ok.
Me - Now wash the chicken, pull all the fat off.
E - Ok
Me - Now blot the chicken dry
E - Ok
Me - Now put a half cup of flour in a gallon bag
E - This kind of flour?
Me - OMG. It has FLOUR written on the geedee container. Yes, that flour.
Me - Now put a while bunch of Season All on the flour.
E - *about 3 shakes* This much?
Me - Cover the freaking flour with the freaking Season all.
E - *adds about a tablespoon* Is this enough.
Me - Yes, that's fine. Now close the bag and shake it up to mix it up so it's not just flour or seasoning in one spot. Put the chicken in the bag & shake it up.
E - Ok, now what?
Me - Wait for the light to go off on the Fry Daddy, put the chicken in for 15 minutes or until it floats.

So after 14 minutes (I know because he was like "Hasn't it been 15 minutes yet?" & then he looked to see if it was floating.)

He took it out. Drained it on paper towels.

That shit was gooooooood!

I mean, it might have helped that I'd been soaking it in salt water overnight, but whatever. The seasoning on the outside was good. I had one bite.

Now, I no longer have to make meatloaf or Fried Chicken for The Boy.

Later on I said: Call yer mama & tell her you friend some chicken
Evan: You mean NanaMama?
Me: You know what I mean, Boy!

So he called her and said "Hi Mom" and she said "Hi Son."

We made a big deal about his chicken frying. Just like when he was learning to use the pot instead of a diaper, LOL.

Me: Uncle used to be able to cook, everyone should know how to cook.
E: He still can. He made some chicken gizzards one time when I was over there.
Me: Oh. I thought he'd gotten lazy with the cooking after he got married.

So whatever. The boy can cook as long as he gets good instruction. *taking my bow*

Another show I'm watching that you should at least check out:

Giuliana & Bill on the Style Network. I didn't know anything about Giuliana except she was on E! News. She is very funny. I like her more than I had anticipated. I remember Bill from The Apprentice. He's definitely the more anal of the 2. But it's a funny show.

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  1. That did sound good alright. But what’s with the brine? What does THAT do?

    I really liked your answers to the questions, btw.

  2. Max - The brine makes the meat more tender and taste more better. :-) Like you can get the seasoning on the outside of the meat, but deep inside the meat you need a brine. Don't you EVER watch Food Network? ;-)

    Thank you very much. Those questions were easy, LOL.

  3. Excellent, Evan can invite me over for supper now ....... I'm starving

  4. You are a very brave (and smart) woman to teach your son to cook. Fried chicken is always best if someone else cooks it and cleans the fryer.

  5. DP - You have your choice of meatloaf or fried chicken & microwaved corn niblets. You should bring your own corn because The Boy can eat a whole can by himself, LOL.

    DG - I would not trust him to clean the fryer. And I'll happily clean it if it means that he doesn't bug me about frying some effing chicken. :-)

  6. Just found your blog and just wanted to say it is fun to read your post. I think you were right to teach your boy to cook for himself, I do the same with my kids but mainly because I don't like cooking unless it is a cake or dessert. I am a big fan of Hugh Laurie too especially in House.

  7. Prisqua - Thanks! Did you enjoy the season premier as much as I did? :-)


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