Friday, September 18, 2009

High Five Friday?

Feeling Normal


ot so much.

I've had a lot of back & headache trouble this week, so I didn't browse too much. I did find one post that entertained ME on Stephen Fry's Blog, but nothing from 'the usual suspects' because I didn't see them like I done already said before, when I said that about not browsing too much this week because my head hurt...

Have I mentioned yet that I've been up since 4:30 this morning? No naps. No caffiene - oh yeah!

There's caffeine in the OTC Migraine Medication I take, LOL. That's why I'm so damned hyper.

Like I done already said before, when I said that.Anyway, here are some of the TV Shows I started watching this summer or are new this fall that I think you should watch. (In no particular order)

Planets CollidingThe Universe on the History Channel
What would Brian Boitano Make?" on Food Network
"Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke" on VH1
Factory Floor on the National Geographic Channel
Vampire Diaries on The CW
Dr Oz Show in syndication. I learned yesterday that when you flush the toilet, a mist comes up that can spread for up to 20 feet and lingers in the air for hours! Which is why we all have fecal matter on our toothbrushes.

So, yeah, I instituted a new rule "Close the lid before you flush." That could be the reason I'm constantly getting The Trots! Of course, now I'll have to risk "surprise" when Evan 'forgets' to flush the toilet but remembers to close the effing lid...

Right now it's 11:30 PM on Thursday. So I'm fiddnuh take some xanax & melatonin with some Sleepytime tea so I can hopefully get to bed before the alarm goes off tomorrow.

That is all!

Now playing: Prince - Shockadelica

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