Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mother of the Year!

Feeling Whatever


o I'm supposed to pick up Evan from FB practice @ 5, right?

I looked at the clock 30 minutes ago & was like "OH SHIT! I forgot to get my baby!"

Then I remembered it's game night tonight. So he won't be back from "Away" until 8 or so.


When practice first started, I didn't know what time to pick him up. So I got there @ 4ish and he had gotten someone else to drive him home I got pissed and told him to STAY THERE UNTIL I GET THERE. NO RIDES WITH PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW!.

That had been fine until last week when 1) practice ended early and b) it was Trail of Tears weekend here so half of the roads were blocked off. I was driving around everywhere and calling people to ask them where the eff my son was.

Football GameLet's get this straight. I don't panic. I get pissed, LOL.

So I went to my mother's house to see if he ended up there somehow and as I knocked on the door, I got a text from him saying "I'm home. Where are you??"

He had walked home.


This is why I told him to take his effing cell phone with him to school. Just keep it OFF until after practice so if it ends early, he can call me.

So yesterday, I was getting ready to go get him and he walks in the door.

He walked home again.

"I always usually mostly know where my son is!"Fine. He could use the exercise. I was especially happy that he got home before I got in the car to waste my gas in a pointless trip to go get him.

Tonight is an "Away" game. Last time I think I showed up at his school @ 7 and sat there reading by interior light for 30 minutes until they got back.

I told him to take his damned phone with him today. I told him where, on school grounds, he can get a good signal to call me.

I don't want him walking home in the dark.

But if he'd walk home after every practice I might have a cooked meatloaf or some friend chicken waiting for him.


Probably not. But I wouldn't have to leave the house, at least.

BTW, that is NOT my son's team. I don't know who they are. Just some other Middle School football team. Sue me. Not that you'd get anything...

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  1. Well we're in good company, we're never going to get a Mother of the Year Award, then again, Erma Bombeck never got one either... That's kinda what I like to tell myself after one of my major eff-ups.

  2. My kids were doing that--not bringing the phone and then we were getting all confused and I was driving everywhere. I finally blew my cork and threatened to confiscate the phones since they weren't using them for the intended purpose. Once or twice was enough, they got the message and call me now. Good luck!

  3. Aria - As long as no bones get broken I don't stress myself, LOL.

    Lin - Well, I'm kind of glad he's not into the whole texting thing (yet). But it would be nice if he remembered it for emergencies...

  4. My son texts me with this kind of information. However I don't check for text messages so often they go unseen. It's not a problem now, he likes walking home, but in a couple of months it's going to be really cold and I suspect that phone might come in handy, unlike his drivers license.

  5. evan is killing me. riding with people you don't know? walking in the dark? *sigh* boys.


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