Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's so effing hot outside

Feeling Normal


can't wait for fall.


We have a dog.

Not really.

But my neighbor has a black chihuahua.

Every time we open the doors, he runs out & runs in circles around us. Or, if the door is closed, he just watches us through the sliding glass door.

"We have a dog."I started talking to him.

Me - Ok, it's time for you to start running in circles around me.

*dog does it*

Me - I'm leaving now. Don't get too close to the car.

*dog runs to his porch and watches*

When I come back from whereever, he starts running circles again.

Me - I'm going in the house now. Go home. You'd better not come in my house!

*dog runs home & stares*

He's cute.

I don't know his name.

Here's a picture of what he looks like, but it's not THE dog.
Black Chihuahua

I had to go to Wal-Mart today. They were cutting the grass, so my little doggie friend couldn't come out to play. But I got a picture of him staring at me from the sliding glass door, LOL.

Our Dog

If I didn't have to spend 75% of my money feeding The Boy, I'd get a dog.

Not really.

I wouldn't want to walk it. And I'd have to nag Evan to death to do it. Which is why we keep trying to talk MD into getting another dog. But since her first dog was a genius (seriously, that dog was so smart) and so cute, she's reluctant to get another one.

Here's what The Best Dog in the World looked like. I have my own pics, but I'm too lazy to get up & find it and scan it.

Sue me.

Yellow Labrador

Now playing: George Clinton - Atomic Dog


  1. Cute dogs. Sounds like an ideal relationship . . .you interact breifly and it goes home to someone else to feed and walk. Nice set-up.

  2. Ooooo - I was going to say that ...... so I won't bother now - tee hee

  3. DG - It is ideal. :-)

    DP - OK, LOL


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