Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Texting while driving



have never done this because my texting sucks, but I know people who do.

The PSA is graphic. You have been warned.


  1. I've seen many an idiot texting while driving, the other day I saw someone driving down the other side of the road, texting and eating a sandwhich at the same time!

  2. Blazing - I know! It amazes me what people do while they're supposed to be driving. Something about being in a car makes them feel like they're safe and can act however they want.

  3. *Ironically, it's going to look like you've said this*

    In any case, in my town texting while operating a motor vehicle has really been honed to a science. I have friends that can text with one hand, drink with the other hand, and drive with their right knee (not something I condone, but I think it's actually legal to drink and drive where I'm from- it's the driving after drinking that might be problematic).

    What can I say, I used to live on an island and our police are very lax and easily bribed.

    I love it!

    As for me, if I have to send the same person 3 to 4 texts in the span of half an hour or so, that warrants me actually ringing them. I don't care how easy my phone makes it for me to text.

  4. Angelika - You have no idea how much that comment confused me when I got it in my inbox, LOL. I had to click on the profile. I was wondering who hacked my blog!


    I had a friend who would stick her left leg out of the window while she was driving. Never got pulled over for it, either.

    It amazes me what people do while driving.

  5. It's definitely a good thing I decided to read your comment to my comment on your blog (possessives can be so confusing). For a second I thought my comment itself was unusually random and I was getting ready to start a diatribe on my self-entitled right to be random because I'm 22 (I'm all about embracing the bizarre things young kids can get away with- should have done more in high school).

    Hopefully the confusion will keep us both on our toes. Except of course now we'll both be on the lookout so that was probably a moot statement.

    All I know is that if I ever tried to pull any of those car stunts, my ass would be ticketed in a New York milli-blink. Such is life and Murphy's law. I guess that's the reason why with two licenses from two different countries, I still don't have a car.

    Anyway, this is way too long. I'll probably feel exempted from writing on my own blog now. And I can't talk to myself in the third person because when I'm addressing myself it gets really confusing.

    How fun!


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