Monday, July 06, 2009

Butt cramps & a stiff back

Feeling Tired


eah, you read that right.

I've spent the last...19 hours uploading music to iTunes. And of course, most of the CDs I have are old, so none of the info is online. I have to type in the title of every song.

Now playing: Prince and the Revolution - The Beatiful Ones

It wasn't until I got up and my special leg wanted to freak out and my butt cheek started cramping that I thought "Maybe I shouldn't sit there so long".

So I took a xanax and went to sleep.

For about 3 hours!?!?!?


Anyway, I have all my Prince, George Michael, Billy Joel & Ray Charles uploaded. Now I have to upload the CDs I made for myself. That will take much longer because I have to listen to the freaking song to know what it is.

Now playing: LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch

On the plus side, I AM impressed with the speed of this new computer.

My old computer was about 7 years old. And I had A LOT of shit on there that slowed it down. It used to take about 10 minutes to start up, so we left it on most of the time.

This loads in 2 minutes or something.

I just have to find the CD that came with the scanner so that I can hook that up. Of course it isn't with ALL THE OTHER INSTALLATION CDs I HAD IN THE DRAWER.


I'm going to drug myself again.

Now playing: Monica - Angel of Mine


  1. Butt cramps while not particularly funny to the crampee, just sound funny. How about butt spasms, where your butt cheek does the rhumba? I've had that happen a couple of times. Not pretty, to be sure.

  2. Thankfully, I've never had butt spasms, LOL.


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