Saturday, July 04, 2009

New Computer

Feeling Sad


am enjoying some things about this new computer.

Some things tick me off.

I don't like the keyboard. Keys like "End" "delete"
are in totally different places. Now I actually have to LOOK at the freaking keyboard to type.

And even though I have this ginormous new monitor, the colors are all off. It looks faded.

Not to mention that this is 1600 x 900 when my old one was 1264 x 768 (or something) so my blog looks WRONG.

And I had so many plugins on Paintshop Pro, I can't remember them all.

AND I have to re-upload ALL of my songs to iTunes.

It will be weeks (or months) before I feel like this thing is mine.


MD did enjoy being able to watch Al Green in widescreen, which is practically lifesize. I told her that I'd better not find lip prints on my monitor, LOL.

Did I mention that I hate Windows Vista?



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