Monday, July 06, 2009

Is anybody a CSS whiz?

Feeling Normal


ecause this is what I see when I look at my blog:

Angelika's Blog Screenshot

Not cool.

I keep messing with the HTML, but it never looks right. It looked right on my old monitor (1024x768 resolution) but with this 1600x900 it's just all stretched out.

Any tips?


  1. I wish I could help but as you know I'm useless - hit it with a hammer perhaps?

  2. I will see what I can do :) It might not be till later in the week when I have internet at home but I will have a look for you unless you have a solution before then. :)

  3. I goy nothin. Why does it have to make it wide instead of tall? The last pair of jeans I bought did the same thing to my butt.

  4. DP - Why would I hit my new expensive toy with a hammer? You're right, you are useless! ;-p

    Hannah - That would be great whenever you get the time! :-)

    DG - LMFAO!

  5. Sorry Angelika, I can't be of any assistance either although your blog looks fine on my widescreen monitor (no bragging intended!)

  6. A lot of times when your blog suddenly looks funny, such as the double side bar dropping below, it's because of an image in a post being too wide (even if it looks like it should fit). Try getting all the old posts off of the front page and see if that helps. I know I have this problem a lot!

  7. Does it look okay if you switch your new monitor to a different resolution, say the resolution your old monitor was? Actually it looks like the html is crowding the stuff and you are not giving object enough room. But this is a blogspot blog and you are not creating your blog with outside software likd Front Page, right? Have you tried to view it in different browsers the way it is? It doesn't look like that in Safari, for example. To many variables. The first thing I would check is how it looks on the new monitor when you switch resolutions on the monitor.

  8. Technogran - Thanks for letting me know it looks all right to you.

    Leigh - I had that problem with the old PC once, I just changed the # of posts it displays and that fixed it. I don't think that's the problem.

    Max - It looks like it should if I change to my old resolution, but I don't like the way everything else looks if I change it. I lost my bookmarks so I don't remember where I went to get screenshots of my blog in different browsers. I guess that's another thing I'll have to google.


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