Monday, May 18, 2009

Hugh Laurie Tag

Feeling Generous


ant one?

Hugh Band by Angelika

Reply in the comments with the NAME YOU WANT ON THE TAG.

Offer is open until I feel like closing it.

You'll know because the comments will be closed. I'll reply with the link to pick up your tag when it's done.

I miss tagging...


  1. Not a fan of Mr. Laurie, but I had to laugh at the disclaimer since it is so Angelika:

    "Offer is open until I feel like closing it."

  2. CG - You wound me. Who isn't a fan of Hugh Laurie besides my mother? ;-)

  3. Man, nothing personal but I don't want to be in the same camp as MD. He just seems like too much of a jackass on the show.

    Although here's an interesting little tidbit I learned last night on the E! True Hollywood Story about Patrick Dempsey.

    Mr. Dempsey auditioned for the part of House and clearly did not get it. That would have been a radically different show, eh?

  4. hehehe if patrick dempsey got the role, it wouldn't have been the same of course... and the show wouldn't have caught my attention... :D

  5. I would not have started watching if "McDreamy" played House. Wilson, I can see, but not MY Gregory House.

    That's why my mother stopped watching House. She thinks he's too mean. That's what I love, LOL.


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