Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Yet again, nothing to say...5/19/09

Feeling Irritated


xcept I got a call from the school nurse yesterday saying that Evan was having problems with his asthma. So I looked for his inhaler (no idea where he puts these things) and ended up calling the pharmacy for a new one.

When I got to the pharmacy, dude said "$39.55"
Me - WHAT? He has insurance!
Dude - They said it was terminated.

"His insurance terminated without telling me."We went through this shit a year ago. His insurance terminated without telling me, so I had to apply for medicaid. Medicaid said our income is too high and referred us to his insurance company. Back and forth a few times until his insurance company finally accepted him again.


So I told him that he'd better not lose his $40 inhaler. And he took 3 breathing treatments last night & one this morning.

Breathing TreatmentHe refuses to take his allergy pills because he says they make him sleepy. So, I tell him to take them at night. That seems obvious to me. But NO. He doesn't take them at all and his asthma gets aggravated.

Just like him going to football practice and inhaling all the pollen & shit that aggravates his asthma. But since I bought freaking cleats 2 years in a row, HE IS FINISHING THE EFFING SEASON.


Or is it all kids who refuse to take the medicine that they need to stay healthy?

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  1. It's kid's general stubbornness. My daughter JUST pulled her hamstring playing on the lawn but refuses to miss softball tonight. She is sitting in a bath right now trying to soak away a pulled muscle. I anticipate that she will limp through her game, hurt it further and spend all night crying, complaining and preventing anyone in the house from sleeping.

  2. I don't remember being that stubborn. But then, I grew up with MD. Maybe I should just beat him...

  3. Max refuses to brush his teeth, comb his hair or wash his face on a regular basis. Apparently either he has not discovered girls at almost ten, or the ones he has like stank and grunge. I am considering the beating regimen.

  4. Elle - LOL @ stank & grunge.

    Evan won't use the acne stuff I bought him. Apparently, pimples are a symbol of manhood at his school...


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