Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hugh Laurie discusses House, MD

Feeling Lustful


  1. I have a friend that looks just like him. He's married, but that doesn't stop all the ladies in the office from flirting with him and telling him that he looks like Hugh Laurie. It's all about the blue eyes. Probably the best blue eyes since Paul Newman.

  2. He does have great eyes. I never really paid attention to Newman. He was a little too old for me.

  3. ooooo,,, he is such a bowl of the most delicious vanilla cherry sorbetto.. yummmmm

  4. Having seen him in things like Fry and Laurie and Blackadder I can't always get my head round the accent changes lol

    I always hear him now with an American accent then when he's interviewed he's back in to british accent and its kinda off putting lol

  5. I prefer the Americanish accent he does on House. I'm not a big fan of the British accent. No offense, I just love southern accents. :-)


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