Saturday, May 09, 2009


Feeling PMSsy


hope you're ignoring this post.

Not that you won't see what's happened next time I post.

I've been at this for about an hour. I envy Cardiogirl's pulled quotes. After trying three different "hacks", I finally found one that works. Now I just have to pull interesting quotes from my posts from now on. That is assuming that I have any interesting quotes in my blog posts.

That is why Cardiogirl is my blogging idol. I see things on her blog that make me green with envy and I try to duplicate it without straight out copying her template css and putting it here. "Cardiogirl is my blogging idol"

Because I could do that. Not that I'm a genius or anything, but when I realllllllly want something, I get it. Sometimes it's just luck. Most times it's sheer perseverance.

Plus she blogs 5 days a week and manages to keep me visiting. I don't know how long it's been that I've been reading her blog... Do you know how many blogs I started reading and loved and then they just disappeared off the face of the earth? Or started taking 2 weeks off at a time? Or privatized their blog so that I can't share their funniest/best posts with you on Fridays???

Too many. It harshes my mellow.

So I hope this works.

And it does.

I am so freaking awesome.

But now I don't know if I like it...

Damned PMS. Makes me feel like I need to change stuff and then I don't like it after I do!

:-) *sigh*


  1. I would leave a comment obviously but as I've been instructed to ignore this post [and I ALWAYS do as I'm told], I shan't .......

  2. That's a cool function. I agree with you on the people who privatize their blogs. That's sort of self-defeating IMO but I guess I'm just not special enough to get on the private blog lists. ;-)

  3. DP - I'm glad you follow directions so well! ;-)

    Shae - Well, the one private blog I read did it because she was getting creepy comments about her child. I understand.

  4. "It harshes my mellow" .....
    ..... LOL Love it! Copying it as my new phrase. Can't wait for one of my boys to get 'tudish so I can use it. =)

  5. Oh, Angelika, I would have told you how I did pull quotes! Note to self: I need to use pull quotes more often.

    It's a plug in called Fancy Pullquotes although I think that's for WordPress. I don't know if Blogspot allows plug-ins.

    But as you mentioned, you figured it out anyway, you html diva, you!

    I like your PMS mood, even though it sucks to be in that mood. Currently rockin' that mood myself.

  6. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore you? Of course not - because after posting that "waaah me" post, my computer crashed. Can you believe that??

    I wanted to thank you - I wrote a lame thank you in response to the comments, but I don't know if anyone ever reads those. I just wanted to make sure you know I appreciate your kindness...and your mutual affection for Mr Laurie. ;)

    Thank you for brightening my spirit with your words...and for cracking me up with your blog. It bears repeating...YOU ROCK!


  7. CG - I e-mailed you, but I am too impatient to wait for an answer, especially in the throes of PMS, LOL.

    Katherine - I go back and read the comments if I've commented on a blog. :-)

  8. "I am so freaking awesome" would be a good first quote. Go with that. I just noticed your new Angelika mini-me icons. Cool. :)

  9. Angelika -- you are just so smart! Cardiogirl is indeed a blog to read on a very regular basis (as I do). We probably share many blogs we enjoy.

    I think someone once said that the sincerest form of a compliment is mimicry (or something along those lines).

    It's great that you figured out how to do it on your own. I wish I were that smart :(

  10. Max - Don't hate.

    Margaret - I know, right? ;-)

  11. I have always envied the pull quotes CG has as well. How did you manage it on blogspot? I just assumed (silly me) that this was not a possibility.

  12. Elle - I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. ;-)


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