Friday, May 08, 2009

High Five Friday - 5/8/09

Squirrel High FiveF

ollowing are this week's High Fives in no particular order.

Starcasm for Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick Expecting Twins

JeD Chan for Really Sweet Greeting. Yes, I tested that exact message to my BFF on her birthday, and she loved it. :-)

The Purple Turkey for Old and Frisky, Bloody Pillow Fight and Cooling Down

Freaky FrugaliteFreaky Frugalite for Fabulous Hand Art

Herbs Ways for Pokeweed

Jennster's Blog for Parenting Doesn't get Easier

Cardiogirl for Really? That's the same cat?

It was so much easier... for The Drive by Gangster

Paul's Health BlogPaul's Health Blog for Is The Swine Flu Hysteria Over The Top?

Diary of a Mad Bathroom for The Sound Off for Wednesday’s Hot Topic: Connie Culp

Pull Up a Chair for Teen Beat

The Way I See It for It's like walking through a maze


  1. Many thanks for the high five! I am honored and I maintain my bad attitude regarding cell phone use in the toilet. Hang it up people!!!!

  2. Thank you Angelika! I truly enjoy writing about people who show us by their actions how to be better. Connie Culp certainly fit that bill very well!

  3. Thats for the High Five! Back at ya.

    How did you know I was high, anyway?

  4. Hey Angelika!

    Thanks for the High Five! I'm glad she loved the greeting. I say the greeting is really short and sweet, but have that impact. ;)

    By the way I like your site, it really give the impression of your personality, nice job! Perhaps I could drop by here more often.

    Have a great day!

    JeD Chan

  5. JeD - Stop by any time! :-)

  6. I like your High Fives, they always have something cool. And I am thrilled to see ME there!! :D


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