Monday, February 16, 2009

Television Show Roundup - 2/14/09


ollowing are reviews of some of the new shows I've watched the past few days. (Click to enlarge photos)

The Girls of Hedsor Hall

Basically they took The Bad Girls Club and moved it to England. The only difference is that there are some "unfortunate looking" women there to try to teach the idiot girls how to be ladies, pearl necklaces and former rehabber & Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner.

Don't waste your time.

T.I.'s Road to Redemption

In case you didn't know, T.I. is a rapper (very successful rapper, BTW) who was arrested last year because he's a felon and he had a whole lot of weapons on him/in his car. So he had the choice between 30 years in prison or completing 1000 hours of community service in one year & getting 366 days in prison.

He chose to do the community service, LOL.

I really didn't know anything about T.I. except he is one fine ass muthashutyomouth. In the first episode we found out why he had all those weapons. It definitely put a different spin on the story for me.

So now, in addition to his community service, he's decided to intervene in the lives of 7 at risk teens and try to stop them from going down the wrong path. He takes one "Hustler" and puts him in jail while he goes to get lunch & drive around (HA! LMFAO) and then he takes the same dude to a morgue so that he can see the other option to a life of crime (it's either jail or death, ya know).

We see T.I.'s 6 children & his baby momma. We see his mother and his friends.

It was very interesting and great to see T.I. doing something positive for young men like himself, who grew up feeling like hustling was the only way that they could help take care of their families.

This is a definite Must Watch even if it's just to see T.I.'s pretty face. It's not going to make me a fan of his music, but I will hope that he doesn't get raped in prison.... :-)

Starring Eliza Dushku. It's good to see her back on a TV series. I always liked her in Buffy and I have watched Tru Calling since it's been in syndication.

Anyway, the show is about Echo (Dushku) who apparently does something bad and her only option is to serve some "agency" for 5 years after which she gets her life back with a clean slate.

The Dollhouse is an agency that fulfills people's needs or desires. The first time we see Echo, she's racing some dude on a motorcycle and she loses (on purpose?). Then they go dancing at a club and before her carriage turns into a pumpkin (I swear to God I said to Evan "I guess her carriage is about to turn into a pumpkin now" and then the Dude said the same thing, LOL.) she goes back to the dollhouse for her "treatment".

The treatment wipes out all of her memories. She's basically a living doll until some man's daughter gets kidnapped and she is given the personality of a hostage negotiator? Whatever, a Kidnap Recovery Agent. I just made that up. I don't know what they call her.

I liked the show. Apparently it got worse ratings than Terminator, but I hope it stays on for a while. It's kind of like Alias with Echo taking on different personas as needed, except she doesn't remember what she did.

If Terminator can last for a season (or is it 2 now?) then Dollhouse should be able to make it too. What other competition is there on Friday nights? Watch it!

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory

If you used to watch Rob & Big on MTV, you'll want to watch this too. After Big Black had his baby and moved on, Rob decided to open a Fantasy Factory.

It's basically a big warehouse tricked out with skateboard ramps & rails, a big pit of foam squares to land in, and basketball hoops all over the place. It's so big that he can drive & park his T-rex around in it.

There really is no explanation or summary for this show. You just have to watch it. Rob Dyrdek is a big kid in a semi-grown man's body. He's crazy in a good/funny way and you never know what he'll do next. Love it. I just miss Big. :-(

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