Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Note to self: Check the alarm clock BEFORE


laying a practical joke on Evan.

I've been sleeping ALL DAY since I got my new anti depressant and being awake all night. Not fun. Especially since the AD is supposed to make me sleepy.

I know that my body reacts the opposite to what the side effects are supposed to be, but I always try to take any medicine according to the supposed side effects.

So I took the AD at night since it was supposed to make me sleepy.

Makes sense, right? No. Because it kept me sleepy all day.


Yesterday I decided to start changing the time when I take the AD and eventually end up taking it in the morning and hopefully be awake ALL DAY and not be able to stay awake at night like a normal person. So I took it at 4 pm. I told Evan that if he saw me sleeping, not to let me sleep more than an hour.

I took a nap and woke up on my own after an hour with an enormous headache. That didn't matter. At least it was only 6pm.

Later on that evening, I decided to lace up Evan's steel toed boots the wrong way. With the bow at the toe of the shoe, get it? He'd be sleepyish and wonder how the eff his shoes got laced up the wrong way. Ha Ha.

So I fell asleep while watching Craig Ferguson (I've noticed that I can't get to sleep these days without that Scottish accent.)

Next thing I know, I see the sun shining through my window. I just lay there waiting for the alarm clock to go off.

That's when I remembered that I'm not supposed to see the sun if Evan is still asleep. It was 6:15. He sets his alarm for 5:45 so that he can start watching whatever recorded after he went to bed or Angel if nothing has recorded.

So I get him up and tell him to hurry.

Evan - What time is it?
Me - Six fifteen.
Evan - Well why do I have to hurry? I still have 45 minutes.
Me - Just do it.

Me - Have you brushed your teeth?
Evan - No, but I will.
Me - Hurry!
Evan - Why?
Me - Because I said so.

Evan - Why are you rushing me?
Me - Because I played a practical joke on you.
Evan - Why do I have to hurry because you -

So he comes downstairs with his Nerf gun loaded and starts poking at his backpack and his jacket & whatnot.

Me - OMG. Just get dressed.
Evan - I'll shoot you if something jumps out at me.
Me - *sigh* just put your socks and shoes on.

So he puts on his socks and picks up his shoe

Evan - *deadpan* Very funny.
Me - HA ha???
Evan - *handing me the shoe* Fix it.
Me - FINE!
Evan - I really wish you hadn't done that, I had them laced a certain way.
Me - I looked at the shoe before I changed it. I'm not stoopit, Pris.

So I laced his boots back up the way he likes. He told me that I suck before he left.

Now I know he'll have a joyous day at school.


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