Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Way Out


ne way out is a new show on the Discovery Channel that premiered last night.

We love it!

This guy, Jonathan, is an escape artist. He finds situations in which there is only one way to escape. Last night he escaped from a box while he was covered with bees. He had to get out in 30 seconds or before the box (which was on a washing machine) started shaking and agitating the bees.

For practice, he "handcuffed" himself to a table and then had a live scorpion in his mouth so that he could get used to escaping with minimal movement and not reacting violently to the stings of the scorpion.

He also went with his friend Mike (hilarious) to a Bee Farm to find out the most sensitive places on the body (that could be shown on TV) to be stung by a bee.

Then he had a 2nd show where he was handcuffed (or whatever) and had to escape from a dumpster filled with ice water and a 3 inch thick layer of ice on the top of it.

It's like...what David Blane would be if he had any emotions and was exciting and wanted to entertain his audience instead of just himself.


You have to watch this show. Mondays @ 9pm EST (and multiple times after that, you know how cable is...)

At least go watch THIS CLIP. I couldn't find a way to embed the video. :-(
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