Monday, January 26, 2009

Crap I watched this weekend


watch a lot of crap. Not on purpose. But I watch it to see if I'll like it, and then I find out "No, that was a waste of 43 minutes (approx 1 hr minus commercials & theme song)".

I watched "Look around you" on Cartoon Network because 1) it was only 15 minutes and b) I thought I'd heard something about it somewhere. It's a British show, allegedly done in 2005, but it looks like the 70s. The episode I watched was about Germs.

So Scientist Guy goes and gets some water from an overflowing Septic Tank and puts some in the mouth of Volunteer 1. Then V1 coughs on Volunteer 2. They take his temperature rectally every hour for the next 4 hours. V2 has a temperature of 107 by the last hour and they wish him well.

That's it.

Stoopit. But I couldn't stop watching?

I tried to watch "Chaser's War on Everything" on G4. Couldn't do it. Another stoopit show.

It wasn't really stupid, it was just so repetitive (the part I watched). They had a Trojan horse and wanted to see if places that are supposed to be secure would let it in. The idea is funny. But seeing 7 (estimation) different places let the thing in without question gets old fairly quickly.

I watched it because I saw the ad that said "Can someone who looks like Bin Laden get close to Pres. George Bush?"

I'm assuming he did. I just don't care enough to watch the rest of the show.

What really shocked the poop out of me was this season's Gone Country. Kudos to them for finally having a season where almost everyone is actually an accomplished singer/musician before they start.

What surprised me was the inclusion of Sheila E and George Clinton in the cast.


Glamourous Life singer & Godfather of Funk are going country.

I can't WAIT to see this, LOL.

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