Sunday, January 04, 2009

I bought a scanner!


t was only $25!!!!!!!

I thought it might suck, but the pictures look pretty good on my screen. Too good, actually. It picks up every single imperfection on the photos.

Like this one:

I think that was his first night in his new Big Boy Bed. Since then, he's gotten hold of the picture and done God knows what to it. But that face. So cute!

Last one for today because my back is killing me. Not the usual back pain. This is pain from Evan tickling me to distraction yesterday. Odd, right? Whatever.

That was taken at the annual Trail of Tears Ride in 2000. The dude in the middle is Branscombe Richmond. He played The Rock's brother in "The Scorpion King".

Evan has actually met him twice, but the other picture is in a frame and I'm not taking it out just to scan it.

The other little boy is Evan's favorite cousin. He will NEVER smile in a picture unless I threaten to sing or something...*sigh*

Go vote at Evan's blog for what he should draw. Thanks. (Why am I pimping his blog?)

That is all.

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