Friday, December 12, 2008

High Five Friday - 12/12/08


ere are this week's High Fives, in no particular order

Jokes @ jDonuts for How's your day going? and Marshmallows.

Amy Oops for Sense. The first time I saw that, I burst out laughing. Her caption is so perfect! :-)

Steven Humour for This snowman looks suspiciously like a penis.

Skirmisher for this. I'm pretty sure that the pictures weren't taken in sequence. It feels like someone just put them together for effect. But what gets me is HOW CAN YOU BE FAMOUS, KNOW THAT PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING YOU ALL THE TIME, AND STILL DO SOMETHING SO STUPID??

Makes you laugh for Naked fire rescue. It took me a long time to feel comfortable sleeping naked, because I always thought "What if there's a fire? I'll be outside naked." I don't do it anymore, because of The Boy. But this picture is just precious, LOL.

Freaky Frugalite for Man builds his dream girl. I'm speechless.

LinGZ for Food for Life V. Cute!

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