Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm twisted & so is my boy.


t's my fault. I admit it.

Yesterday I was reading YHTBT at Using Humor. It's about when people tell you a story that they think is funny and when you don't laugh, they say "You had to be there."

Dan told a joke about Descartes and pointed out that it would only be funny to someone who knows about Descartes.
Descartes’ famous quote was Cogito ergo sum, “I think, therefore I am.”

This is how I'm twisted:
I woke up from a nap at about 6:30pm. I immediately said to Evan "Want to hear a joke?"
He - Sure.
Me - This guy Descartes goes to a restaurant and orders a hamburger. The waitress asks if he wants fries with that. He says "I think not" and disappears.
He - *confused look* Ok.........

Then I explained to him why the joke was funny. He was not amused.

Why did I do that?

For the look on his face. I knew he'd think that I was just "sleep talking" like the time I told him to be careful of the frogs in the kitchen (I said that once, apparently).

I wish there was some way to hook my brain up to the computer and download what I see when he does some stuff. When he gives me certain looks. I have a picture of him when he was about 12 mos old and he was looking at me like "Have you lost your damned mind, woman?" I love that picture. I don't remember why he was looking at me like that, but the expression on his little baby face is so adult. I love it!

Here is how The Boy is twisted:
Evan - Today at school, JimBob (made up name) poked me in the arm. So I waited until he was in front of me and poked him in his back. He fell flat on the floor and said "Oh my God, my back is numb!"

I proceeded to crack the fark up. (Again, demonstrating how I'm twisted.)

Evan - Do you want me to poke you in the back so your back will be numb? (Awwww, so sweet. He wants to relieve my back pain...)
Me - Did it look like it hurt?
Evan - Yeah.
Me - No thanks, then.

The Boy cracks me up. He is acting more and more like a teenager & it ticks me off, but then he'll tell me some insane thing about one of his friends and it makes me laugh as hard as Bernie Mac ever did.

He's a joy.

But maybe you'd have to be here to understand...

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