Monday, December 15, 2008

Did you see my BF hosting SNL?


am so happy that the writers stepped up to the plate this week! I LOVED the show. If you didn't record it (and save for the foreseeable future), or watch it live (????) check your tv schedule (Pronounced SHED-yule) for the repeat!

The only thing that sucked on the show was Kanye West. (Seriously, WTF was that? He's trying to sing now? And do Michael Jacksonesque dance moves? Really?!!?)

This is my favorite skit, Bronx Beat:

(Bronx Beat Sketch)

I've also watched this sketch several times:

(Christmas Dinner Sketch)

Yay! I'm so happy. :-)

**Update** - Pooooooooooop! Frigging Copyright issues. *sigh* If NBC would get the show up on their freaking website instead of being weeks beind, people wouldn't need to post clips on youtube.

Here's a promo for the SNL that Hugh hosted.

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