Sunday, October 26, 2008

Please tell me you're watching these trainwrecks.


irst is the return of Celebrity Rehab. I get to see more of Dr. Drew's Gun Show. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO.

Anyway, Gary Busey is there this time.

He claims he's 13 years sober (that's if you don't include his 'medicinal' marijuana).

He thought he was there to be a counselor.


People, you have to watch this show just to see him. Furreal. I did not know that he'd had brain surgery. Maybe that's why he's so insane?

Also on this season are Rodney King. (Yes, THE Rodney King.) Some chick from American Idol season 1, Tawny Kitaen (who looks like The Cat Lady Jr *shudder*), Jeff Conaway (back again), Amber Smith, Rod Stewart's son, and Steven Adler. I think that's it.

Here's Dr. Drew's recap of the first episode:

Next is Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling with Frank Stallone, Dennis Rodman, Danny Bonaduce, Screech (Dustin Diamond), Tiffany ('I think we're alone now' fame), Ian Ziering's plastic wife, Tabitha from Bewitched (She looks the same!), some UFC fighter named Butterbean, Todd Bridges, Trishelle from The Real World Las Vegas... I think that's it?

Really, I just want to see somebody kick Screech's ass "accidentally". It's interesting watching them learn the moves, though.

Danny Bonaduce is crazy. You knew that already, but this really works for him inside the wrestling ring. It's okay to watch if nothing else is on...

Both of these shows come on multiple times, so just check your local listings. :-)

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