Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My friends are precious...


got this e-mail the other day after one of my JJHF peeps had asked for my address for the 58th time:

"Have you even ever senty it I am drunk at ebgagement party sake rules"

My response this was "This is the 3rd time you've asked for my addy. Why do you hate me?" Then I posted my addy really big like this:

1234 Apathetic Lane
Some Town,US 11111

And yes, she still asked me if I had sent it the next day. She's trying to send me a DVD of the public access channels where she lives. I've only been waiting for 2 years...

Today I got this text from my cousin:

"Ur getn old cuz ur son is getn old he got peach fuzz"

My response was: U R A Brat.

She's 26 or something. 10 years younger than me. She acts like she'll never be 36. (I'll be 36 in 9 days. Start planning the blog parties now, thanks.)

Here are the freebies I got today:

I will be eating the Quaker Simple Harvest cereal bar. MD will be getting the Nina Ricci perfume (I don't wear perfume.)

And finally.

Yesterday I went to MD's to get some Darvocet.

I took one at 3:30 and on at 8:30. Today I get a message that I'm only supposed to take them 12 hours apart.

Which doesn't matter because a) that shit is weak b) it worked about like the PMS pills usually work.

So my back still hurts in spite of sleeping on the heating pad all night. It just doesn't hurt as bad.

Finally, for real.

Would those of you who pray please pray for me that I lose the desire to smoke? The actual quitting is not a problem. But it doesn't make me want to stop smoking.

Smoking is not like heroin or some hard drugs. There is no rock bottom for me, unnastan? I don't want to quit.

So I've been praying to God that he will help me quit AND help me want to quit.

I have been smoking less. About half a pack as opposed to my usual entire pack.

But even when I used that prescription shit and I really didn't feel like I needed to smoke, I still wanted to smoke.

So, yeah. Pray that I want to stop smelling like an ashtray.


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  1. In case you were interested, the same friend kept asking for my address.

    I got the DVD the other day.

    Now she keeps asking me if I've watched it.

    3.5 hours of public access tv. Half of it in Spanish. I think I've watched 30 minutes of it, LOL.


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