Friday, October 24, 2008

High Five Friday


ollowing are the blog posts that caught my attention in the past week, in no particular order.

Hello Mother, Hello Father for Monday Poetry.

Reenashwina for Piercing Drawbacks.

Lalaine's World for Funny Warnings.

Beeline2Beauty for Obama Bucks.

Blah Blah Blog-o-licious for Ahw maze ing.

She Lives for The Sock Monster in Law.

Jokes at jDonuts for Karma Kills and Team Photo.

Blogsters Guild for QU!T 5T3AL!N6 O_R LETT3R$.

Odd Planet for Thieves try to get high on a dog's ashes.

Wanna Smile for Zen Moment of the Day.

Take it to the Limit for Too innocent to wear a poverty badge.

Archie's Pod for Healthy Juices.

Skirmisher for Can't a rapist and murderer have delicate sensibilities?

Jennster for OMFG!

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