Saturday, October 25, 2008

21 cigarettes in 56 hours.


normally smoke a pack to a pack and a half every day (20 to 30 cigarettes).

First, I started not smoking when I drive.
Then I started not smoking when I'm sitting at the computer.
Then I started not smoking for at least an hour after I eat.

I'm trying to break the habits of when I smoke, see?

Today, Evan said "Momma, please smoke for both of our sakes."
Me - You want me to die, is that it?
Evan - Everybody dies.
Me - But you want me to die of lung cancer.
Evan - You've got to die of something.
Me - FINE! I'll go get some cigarettes, but you're coming with me. (He's on punishment for his report card)
Evan - I don't want to go!
Me - How do I know you won't watch TV or get on the computer or leave the house while I'm gone?
Evan - Because I won't know when you'll be back. It's not like I can CTRL + ALT + Delete your session and have it back up when you come in the house or something.
Me - Uh huh, you're going with me.

So I went and bought a pack. Then I made him put some Windshield Wiper Fluid (or whatever) in the WWF place (I don't know what it's called) before I left because for the past few days my WWF tank has been empty and my windshield is dirty. I guess I was throwing a fit because complaining a little because:

Evan - OMG! Smoke a cigarette! You have them now!
Me - SHUT UP! I'll smoke when I feel like it. You're not the boss of me!

So I came home.

Waited 15 minutes.

Smoked a cigarette.

That is all.

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